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Alumil S.A


Alumil S.A. is the largest privately-owned aluminium extrusion group in South-East Europe, in terms of production, distribution network and range of aluminium profile systems. It is among the top suppliers of branded aluminium systems for architectural use in Europe.With 30 years of experience, Alumil is one of the most advanced companies globally in the design and production of aluminium extrusion products with state – of – the art production lines in all its factories.
Alumil produces aluminium systems which are designed and developed in the Group's Research & Development Department and then tested and certified by internationally accredited certification institutes and laboratories, such as Ift Rosenheim (Germany), A.A.M.A (USA), Instituto Jordano (Italy), EKANAL (Greece), etc.

Alumil Sliding Systems


Sliding systems are mainly developed for constructions with space restrictions since they can be easily installed in limited spaces.They offer a wide range of modern designs and a cost-efficient solution.
Their unique characteristics include:

  • Functionality in limited space.

  • Single or double glazing,fly screen,blind and external rolling shutter can be applied.

  • Are offered in all variations (Sliding Pocket Construction,Sliding By Pass Construction or Sliding and By Pass).



M900 is the lightest sliding system for the lowest cost investment. Ideal proposal for low-cost solutions without compromising quality.

  • 28 mm sash width

  • Supports single or double glazing up to 19 mm thickness

  • Recommended for small to medium size openings

  • Perfectly cooperates with the M940 Mini “tilt – and –turn” system

  • Uf = 7 W/m2K

  • Exterior aesthetics: Curved

  • Sliding Type:  Slide



M14500 consists of a low-cost proposal for sliding systems without thermal break. Supports all known sliding typologies and offers an alternative to those who pay attention to the investment cost.

  • Sash width of 32 mm

  • Double glazing up to 20 mm thickness and sash weight up to 120 Kg

  • Stainless steel rails offering smooth and easy scrolling of the sashes

  • One or two points locking hardware for a higher security level

  • Uf = from 6,46 W/m2K

  • Exterior aesthetics: Curved

  • Sliding Type: Slide




M1200 is a non thermal break system for sturdy, very high sliding doors, covering all kind of typologies, with the unique characteristic of a totally concealed in the floor stainless steel rail.

  • Unique design of profiles (elliptical shape).

  • The rails’ shape facilitates the waters’ drainage

  • Glazing can be installed after completing the sashes construction

  • Uf = 6,5 W/m2K

  • Exterior aesthetics: Curved

  • Sliding Type: Slide




S350 is a new approach in sliding systems in full accordance with the modern architectural trends for soft and straight lines and considerably less visible aluminium frame. High levels of thermal insulation combined with a great variety of innovative design solutions, make S350 the ideal solution for building modern residences as well as for frames replacements.

  • Soft, straight lines and up to 50% reduction of the visible aluminium frame

  • Profile sturdiness and strength that easily cover the most demanding customers’ requirements

  • Undoubted construction flexibility and ease

  • High level of thermal insulation: Uf = From 2,9 W/m2K

  • Unique performance in water/air tightness in its category

  • Sliding Type: Slide

  • Type of thermal insulation: 24 mm polyamide



S450 is a very versatile thermal break system for simple SLIDING or LIFT-SLIDING doors and windows:

  • 45 mm width of sash

  • Stainless steel rails for smooth and easy scrolling

  • high efficiency brushes (tri- fin) for sealing simple sliding constructions

  • Lift-Sliding sash up to 200 kg with aluminium hardware

  • Regular sliding for 200 kgs sash

  • High thermal insulation: Uf=from 4,26 W/m2k

  • Suitable for any typology of sliding constructions

  • Optional higher security level by using multi locking hardware

  • Exterior aesthetics: Flat

  • Type of thermal insulation: 24 mm polyamide


M300 Falcon


M300 Falcon is a complete thermal break system for large dimensions lift & slide doors, with vents up to 400 Kg, which supports a wide range of constructions.

  • Smooth and easy scrolling of the sashes by using stainless steel rollers in combination with stainless steel rails

  • Can implement corner constructions of 90o without reducing the visual field with additional corner mullion

  • Uf=from 3,2 W/m2k

  • Exterior aesthetics: Flat

  • Sliding Type: Lift & Slide

  • Type of thermal insulation: 20 mm polyamide



S560 is a robust lift & siding system that provides high level of thermal insulation, flexibility in construction and ideal for large openings. It offers quality constructions due to the profiles' stiffness and enables both internal and external “framing” for a stronger connection of the profiles. 

  • Sash depth: 56mm

  • Smooth and easy sliding thanks to inox rails

  • Fits Simple slide, lift & sliding mechanism for sashes from 120, 90, 150 to 300 Kg

  • Optional multi-locking mechanism can be installed

  • High level of thermal insulation: Uf from 2,2 to 4,6 W/m2K

  • Covers all typologies of sliding systems

  • Exterior aesthetics: Flat



The S440 is the latest proposal for thermally insulated sliding systems. Alumil created the innovative sliding system S440 according to the modern architectural trends and the requirements for higher energy-efficient systems and excellent performances. The linear profiles’ shape has been designed so as to minimize both the visible aluminum frame and the visible depth of the system.

  • Minimum sash height 75 mm for maximizing visibility and natural lighting.

  • Specifically designed sash for reinforcing the alignment of the profiles.

  • Narrow interlocking profile with 39 mm visible aluminum face width.

  • Two sash profiles available for 45ο and 90ο assembling. 

  • Fiberglass reinforced polyamides of 40mm width in the frame and 40mm, 32mm width in the sash profile offering to the system a high level of thermal insulation (Uf = 2,6 W/m2K). 

  • Extra thermal insulation at the interlocking point by using PVC profile.

  • PVC profiles for drainage with specially designed clipped cover that offers high watertightness and reduces visually the frame’s depth according to the minimal design of the system.

S650 Phos


Alumil’s new sliding thermal insulating system S650 is the ideal solution for wide spans with extensive glazing surfaces that offers elegant constructions with high functionality, performances and minimal architectural design.
The system’s main advantage is the improvement of living conditions by maximizing the natural lighting and minimizing the visible aluminum face width, which makes the residents feel closer to the external environment and increase the sense of freedom.

  • All the aluminum profiles are totally concealed in wall maximizing natural lighting in the buildings.

  • Only 25 mm visible aluminium face width at the interlocking profile.

  • Perimetrical sealing of the frames with double row of brushes.

  • Extra concealed profiles available for water drainage. 

  • Corner constructions without using mullion profile for the connection.

  • For all typologies of sliding doors.

  • Easy installation / removal of the sash in case of maintenance or replacement.

  • UW = 0,8 W/m2K

  • Sliding Type: Slide

  • Type of thermal insulation: 18,6 mm polyamide, pvc



S700 is a top class LIFT-SLIDE system, for very large openings with impressive, out of competition characteristics.

  • Narrow sash face of only 84 mm

  • Interlocking face width of only 47mm for double sash sliding doors, for maximum visibility, and door height up to 3,00 m

  • Concealed threshold profile, flash to the floor

  • Smart water evacuation system, perfect for heavy rainfalls

  • Smart drainage device under the interlocking profiles guarantees water tightness

  • Special 24mm anti-distortion polyamides, for avoiding the banana effect, due to high temperature differences between indoors and outdoors

  • Very high thermal insulation: Uf up to 2.4 W/m2K

  • Can also be a classic LIFT-SLIDING with the same frame profile all around and with the same performances

  • Exterior aesthetics: Flat

Alumil Hinged Systems


They offer insulation, safety and high design. Holds the largest market share. Placed in houses, buildings and condominiums. Offered in single rows, but also with thermal breaks.
Characterized by:

  • unlimited applications and typologies

  • appropriate solutions to suit any case

  • the number of available accessories



M9400 consists one of the most completed opening systems which can serve a wide range of different needs with satisfied performances

  • Basic depth of system 45 mm

  • Great diversity of designs regarding the windows and doors’ appearance

  • Big variety of profiles which can be used according to the required typology and construction solution

  • Glass thickness up to 26mm and sash weight up to 130kg

  • Uf = 6,2 W/m2K



Μ20000 is tilt and turn opening system with thermal break which exclusively combines with stainless steel (PVC groove) hardware. This system offers satisfying thermal insulation and enhanced security level.

  • Basic depth of system 62.5mm

  • Stainless steel mechanism of 16mm with security locking bolts

  • Special reinforcement in the frame profiles for screwing and supporting the hinges

  • Appropriate distance of 4mm between the sash and the frame for continuous application of sealing gaskets even behind the hinges

  • Glass reinforced polyamide (24mm in the frames and 20mm in the sashes) which offers increased thermal insulation (Uf =2,7-3,0 W/m2*K)

  • Glass thickness up to 44mm and sash weight up to 130kg

  • Exterior aesthetics: Flat, Curved, Classic


M11000 is a versatile system for any kind of thermal insulated doors and windows, which can meet the most demanding needs thanks to the variety of solutions and different designs of the profiles.

  • Variety of designs (flat, curved, inclined, classic)

  • Concealed windows 

  • Both European groove and PVC groove hardware can be applied

  • WK 3 anti burglar protection

  • Available special profiles for any typology of entrance doors 

  • Pivot windows 

  • High level of thermal insulation: Uf from 2,3 W/m2K



M11500 is a complete system for insulated doors and windows of any kind, with increased thermal insulation and:

  • Variety of designs (curved, flat, inclined, classic)

  • Concealed windows

  • Tilt & turn windows not only with the standard 11mm European groove, but also with the 16 mm Pvc groove for WK3 anti burglar protection

  • Any kind of entrance doors

  • Horizontal or vertical pivot windows and doors

  • High level of themal insulation: Uf from 1,58 to 2,12 W/m2k



M9800 is Alumil proposal for non-thermal break folding doors.

  • Hanging on top guide using a specific roller-hinge (250Kg per roller, 125Kg per leaf)

  • Flat bottom guide (in-floor or not) for easy access 

  • Unlimited number of leaves in contrast to the constructions that use floor mechanisms

  • Possibility for door with lock, hinged in or out

  • Special profiles for adjusting the frame to potential gradients of masonry


M19800 is an insulating system for folding doors with 50mm sash thickness. With special roller hinges of heavy duty type, and the last vent may be used as an entrance door. The system is provided with two typologies

  • Top hanging, with the roller hinges running inside the guide on top 

  • Floor-standing solution, with the roller hinges sliding on the bottom guide

Alumil Curtain Walls


Alumil offers a full range of advanced systems for facades with various curtain wall systems for every application, desire and choice, which meet the requirements of the most demanding projects worldwide.



M3 is a thermal insulated system for semi-structural curtain walls with hanging frames (stick type) for faster installation.

  • 55 mm width of mullions.

  • Vents hold the glass, leaving a 14 mm seamless visible aluminium strip around the glass

  • Vents are supported by the mullions on which they are attached by means of special hardware, which secure the frame on the curtain wall structure.

  • The same vents can be either fixed and projected outwards 

  • Vast variety of columns for high wind loads 

  • Polygonal surfaces are possible

  • Any kind of door from the M 11000 system

  • Very easy installation on the building

  • Uf = 3,7 W/m2K


M4 is a thermal insulated system for structural curtain walls with hanging frames (stick type) for faster installation.

  • 55 mm width of mullions

  • Vents with structural glazing

  • Vents are supported by the mullions on which they are attached by means of special hardware, which secure the frame on the curtain wall structure.

  • The same vents can be either fixed or projected outwards (windows parallel projected or top hung)

  • Vast variety of mullions for high wind loads 

  • Polygonal surfaces are possible

  • Combines with any kind of door from the M 11000 system

  • Very easy installation on the building

  • Uf = from 3,69 W/m2K


M6 is a thermal insulated curtain walls system which is ideal for robust constructions, for large frames’ fabrication and covers all architectural requirements.

  • 55 mm width of mullions and transoms

  • Thermal insulation up to Uf=1,5 W/m2K, making the system ideal for all climate regions

  • Big variety of mullions for high wind loads

  • A variety of designs for the visible aluminium covers

  • Structural glass version without aluminium covers, with the same mullions and transoms

  • All kind of opening windows can be added to the curtain wall (parallel projected, top hung, inwards tilt & turn, concealed sash tilt & turn)

  • All kind of surfaces can be constructed (inclined, polygonal)

  • Combines with all types of doors from the M 11000 system


J-Bond is a complete series of aluminium composite panels, with an intermediate polyethylene layer and of 4 mm total thickness.


  • Wide variety of dimensions and colors

  • Complete profile supporting system

  • Flat surface with high resistant finishing

  • Excellent resistance in acid and alkaline environments, erosion, wear, fading, fire and water

  • High thermal and sound insulation

  • Suitable for various kinds of printing 

  • Can be shaped and installed easily and quickly, simplifying and reducing the cost of construction

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