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Antis Prokopiou & Sons LTD was founded in 1980 by Antis Prokopiou in Limassol, Cyprus. Through the years, Antis Prokopiou & Sons LTD has been established as one of the leading aluminium and railing system fabricators in Cyprus. In 1999 Glastec Trading was formed within our group which specializes in the field of Architectural Glass.
Antis Prokopiou & Sons LTD undertook various projects from independent customers and the government both in Cyprus and abroad .

Why us?


Antis Prokopiou & Sons LTD is considered as one of the leading aluminium, rail and glass companies in Cyprus. Our company has acquired the latest technology in the field to ensure high precision and quality of the final products. In addition, our technical team has many years of work experience in the field and has been trained to the highest standards.
Antis Prokopiou & Sons LTD provides a large selection of aluminium systems to satisfy all needs. We offer a selection of aluminium and rail systems from 2 of the leading manufacturers in Europe, Muskita and Alumil and glass from the 3 leading companies worldwide AGC, Saint Gobain and Guardian.
Antis Prokopiou & Sons Ltd competitive advantage lies in the fact that all stages of the production are completed under the same plant facilities. This ensures rapid production rates, maximum flexibility and excellent quality.

Quality Control


Antis Prokopiou & Sons Ltd is fully committed to the quality control of its products throughout the entire sequence of production. The Company has accomplished the CE quality certifications from the European Union as our company applies the necessary Factory Production Control FPC certificate.
These European quality trademarks guarantee the quality of our products. Our products are water resistant, wind resistant and provide sound and heat insulation.


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